Bonzai Slide. BONZAI! Catch some major air on the most thrilling of our slides. These slides are not for the faint of heart. Flusher Slide. Whoosh! A blast of water will help guide you down the twists and turns of these exciting rides. Prepare to get wet. River Ride. River Wild! Take a tube-ular trip through the rushing rapids of the River Ride tube slide. It is the park’s most popular ride. Hot Spa. Ahhhh. With the largest hot spa in South Dakota, this is the perfect place to warm up and chill out. Kiddie Pool and Slide. Weeeee! Made specifically for our mini-sliders, the kiddie pool and slide makes it easy for everyone to splash and play all day. Miniature Golf. Fore! Challenge your family and friends to a round or two on our wacky mini golf course.

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